What Type of Camp is Best?

Summer camp should be an exciting adventure for children. Camps can bring new friends, help children develop new skills, and allow them to be entertained while parents work. 

A child’s experience at camp often depends on the smart choices parents make based on their child’s maturity, interests, and personality. Just because a parent has fond memories of a summer of camp doesn’t mean the child will enjoy the same type of camp or be ready for weeks away from parents at the same age. Day camps give children a taste of the experience without committing them to long-term stays away from home.

The following questions may help you determine what type of camp may be best for your child.

  • Do I want to sleep in tent or cabin or in my own bed?
  • Do I want to do a lot of different things or learn more about one subject?
  • Would I like to be around a lot of other kids, or prefer a small group?
  • Do I want to be involved in planned activities all day, or need some time alone?
  • How long would I be comfortable away from home?
  • Do I want to go with friends or make new ones?
  • How will I handle getting homesick? 
  • Do I want my parents to come visit while I’m at camp?

If your child has physical challenges, talk with the child and determine if he or she would be more comfortable with other kids that have similar problems, or if they prefer a regular camp experience. The stress of being among strangers may aggravate physical or emotional problems and result in an unhappy child and unpleasant experience.

By talking with your child and exploring your options, you can help your child find an exciting summer adventure at summer camp.

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