Learn to Swim

The first rule of water safety is LEARN TO SWIM.

There are swimming courses available through the American Red Cross, YWCA and YMCAs and many Parks & Recreation Departments.

Even if you know how to swim, there are a few rules that will help you avoid emergency situations in, on, or around water.

  • Never swim alone or in unsupervised areas  
  • Avoid "horseplay". Dunking others, wrestling them or pushing them off piers or rafts may seem like fun, but may endanger them.  
  • Know your limits and stay within them. Don’t let others goad you beyond your capabilities.  
  • Never drink alcohol and swim.  
  • Never dive in areas where you don’t know the conditions (currents, drop-offs, hidden trees and rocks) under the surface.  
  • Use common sense in swimming after eating.  
  • Stay alert to the "too’s" - too tired, too cold, too hot, too much sun or strenuous activity, too far from safety.  
  • Never rely on toys such as innertubes and water wings to stay afloat.  
  • Leave the water at the first signs of an electrical storm.

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