Allergic Reactions

Stinging insects are an irritant to most people, but are real health hazards for others. If you are severely allergic to some insect stings, carry a prescription antidote with you, if one is available. When you are in situations where you are likely to be exposed to insect bites that you know you react to, alert your companions of your allergy and what actions they should take if you are stung. You should also wear a medical alert bracelet so people will know you may be having an allergic reaction if you cannot tell them yourself.

Severe reactions may cause difficulty breathing. This requires immediate medical response, so call 911 or the local emergency service. Other allergic reactions may take the form of hives, stomach pains, diarrhea, dizziness, chills or facial swelling (even if your face was not stung). If any of these occur, get immediate medical help.

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