Making Kid-Friendly Streets

  • As a driver, set an example by slowing down and giving pedestrians the right of way when crossing. Share the road with bicyclists. 
  • Obey speed limits, especially in neighborhoods where children play. Be extra careful in school zones. 
  • If buses or trains run in your area, use them with your child when practical. 
  • Talk with your neighbors about the problems you see. They may want changes, too. Find others in your community who are concerned with child safety: traffic engineers, police traffic officers, school transportation directors, and parent-teacher associations. 
  • Write letters to your newspaper and speak up at public meetings for:

            Playgrounds near homes so kids can play out of streets and parking areas. 
            “Traffic calming” improvements to slow down traffic on neighborhood streets including traffic circles, speed bumps, and other engineering methods. 
             Construction of sidewalks or bike/pedestrian paths.

  • A neighborhood crime watch, if needed. If playgrounds are being used for other  activities, work with community groups to make them child-friendly. 

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