Pedestrian Friendly Neighborhoods

Take a walk in your neighborhood with your child. Look at the conditions along the way. You may want to score your area using the “Walkability Checklist” below. 

  • Are there places for people to walk (or children to bicycle) off the street? 
  • Are there places to cross streets easily and safely? 
  • Are there crossing guards near schools? 
  • Are the drivers courteous? Do they obey speed limits? 
  • Was your walk pleasant? Would you do it again?

Check below any problems you find:  

  • Traffic speeds are too high.  
  • No sidewalks or wide shoulders for walking.  
  • Roadside obstructions make walking difficult (parked cars, trash bins, overgrown bushes, ditches).  
  • No crosswalks or traffic signals where we want to cross busy streets.  
  • Drivers do not stop for pedestrians.  
  • No place for children to play.  
  • Playgrounds, library, and schools are too far away. 

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