Door Knob Covers and Door Locks

Door knob covers and door locks are essential to keep children away from places they should not be -- including swimming pool areas. 

  • Be sure the door knob cover is sturdy enough not to break, but allows a door to be opened quickly by an adult in case of emergency.
By restricting access to potentially hazardous rooms in the home or areas outside the home, door knob covers could help prevent many kinds of injuries.

However, to prevent access to swimming pools and swimming pool areas, you need to install door locks that are placed high out of reach of young children. These locks should be used in addition to fences and door alarms that alert you when someone opens the door to the pool or pool area. 

Also, you need to be aware that sliding glass doors, with locks that must be re-secured after each use, are often not an effective barrier to pools. It is too easy to forget to lock the door, or to not get the door properly locked.

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