Safety Checklist: If You Have a Baby in Your Home

Use the following safety check list to make your baby safe in your home. 

  • Place a baby to sleep on his or her back or side in a crib with a firm, flat mattress and no soft bedding or pillows underneath. To reduce the risk of suffocation, never put a baby to bed in an adult’s bed. 
  • Use a crib that meets national safety standards and has a snug-fitting mattress. Make sure there is no loose or missing hardware that could cause choking, suffocation or strangulation hazards. Also never place your baby’s crib or furniture near window blind or curtain cords. This will prevent babies from strangling on the loop of the cord. 
  • To prevent falls, keep children away from windows. 
  • Never use an electric blanket in the bed or crib of a small child or infant. 
  • Keep small toys, balloons, and small balls away from young children. 
  • Check age labels for appropriate toys. Make sure toy storage chests have safety lid supports. 
  • To prevent strangulation, use safety tassels for mini blinds and avoid strings on children's toys and pacifiers.

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