Fire Safety Tips: Using Cooking Equipment Safely

Cooking equipment is estimated to be associated with more than 100,000 fires annually, and almost 400 deaths, and 5,000 injuries. Gas cooking equipment accounts for about 30,000 fires, and electric cooking equipment for about 55,000 fires. 
Fire Safety Status Check

To be safe, you should be able to answer “yes” to the following statements.  

  • The storage area above the stove is free of flammable and combustible items. 
  • Short or tight fitting sleeves, and tight fitting shirts, robes, gowns, etc., are worn while cooking.  
  • Items that could attract children (e.g. cookies and candy) are not kept above the range and are kept out of the immediate area.  
  • The stove is not left unattended when cooking especially when the burner is turned to a high setting. 
Safety Tips 
  • Never place or store pot holders, plastic utensils, towels and other non cooking equipment on or near the range because these items can be ignited. 
  • Roll up or fasten long loose sleeves with pins or elastic bands while cooking. Do not reach across a range while cooking. Long, loose sleeves are more likely to catch on fire than short sleeves. Long, loose sleeves are also more apt to catch on pot handles, overturning pots and pans, which could result in scald burns. 
  • Do not place candy or cookies over the top of ranges. This reduces the attraction kids may have for climbing on cooking equipment, thus reducing the possibility of their clothing catching fire. 
  • Keep constant vigilance on any cooking that is required above the “keep warm” setting.

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