Communication Centers

The EMSA communications centers are state-of-the-art facilities featuring satellite-monitored computer aided dispatch systems. EMSA, in cooperation with air ambulance services and police and fire departments, utilizes the enhanced 911 emergency system to ensure that callers receive the help they need as quickly as possible. EMSA's Oklahoma City and Tulsa communications centers are certified as Accredited Centers of Excellence by the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch.

The EMSA communications centers feature interchangeable call-taking and radio dispatch stations. Each of the stations is interchangeable, and the supervisor stations can be utilized to answer calls when volume increases.

Individual consoles allow communications center personnel to work more efficiently in answering 911 calls and dispatching ambulances. The EMSA communications centers are staffed by emergency medical technicians and paramedics specially trained in assessing calls and helping callers care for patients in the moments before ambulances arrive.