Orientation Academy

About the Academy

EMSA’s Orientation Academy (mandatory for all new employees) is designed to give paramedics and EMTs the understanding and education needed to succeed in a high-performance system.

During the four-week in-house training academy, new employees learn EMSA’s treatment protocols, undergo comprehensive skills evaluations, review safety procedures, practice emergency vehicle operations, and are familiarized with system status management and 911 communications. Orientation also includes training on pediatric injury prevention/management, geography and mapping, documentation, goal setting and achievements, public relations and customer service.

Upon successful completion of classroom training, paramedics and EMTs are paired with field training officers (FTOs) who evaluate all aspects of new employees’ pre-hospital patient care. Each orientee will complete at least eight shifts or satisfactorily manage at least 12 advanced life support calls. The clinical services department and the Office of the Medical Director determine when new employees may be cleared to function as EMTs or paramedics.


To be eligible for Orientation Academy, EMTs must be nationally registered and must hold an Oklahoma State Department of Health EMT license and an American Heart Association (AHA) or American Red Cross CPR card.

Paramedics must be nationally registered and must hold an Oklahoma State Department of Health paramedic license, an AHA advanced life support card and an AHA healthcare provider card or American Red Cross CPR card. Additionally, EMTs and paramedics must be at least 18 years old and must have or obtain within 30 days of employment an Oklahoma driver’s license.